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5 Great Reasons To Relocate To Sotogrande, Spain

5 Great Reasons To Relocate To Sotogrande, Spain

Let’s face it, property prices are going through the roof around the world, especially in the UK. This leads to young people looking further afield in their quest to become property owners and one of the go-to regions is southern Spain. The Costa Del Sol has long been popular with Brits, not just for holidays. Many people retire in this glorious part of Spain and who could blame them?

If you are thinking about relocating to Spain, here are a few good reasons to choose Sotogrande.

Living In A Gated Community

Security is obviously essential, especially during these troubling times, while being in a foreign country is another reason to choose a property within a gated community. Check out the stunning Sotogrande marina apartments for sale from a leading real estate agent based in Marbella, where the best property is listed. You’ll get to make some new friends, as many British couples have relocated to this prime area in Andalusia, plus there are many amenities that make life very convenient.

Top Golf Courses

There are 5 golf courses in Sotogrande, one being the prestigious Valderrama Golf Club, which has hosted major PGA events. Perfect for golf lovers, search online for further details about the courses, which are scenic and very challenging, while living so close means you can play anytime. The sailing club at the marina has a long and colourful history and if you have a yacht, this is the ideal place to set down roots.

Fantastic Climate

Southern Spain and the Andalusia region offers an ideal climate and is the perfect way to escape the harsh British winter. If you are a digital nomad, there’s no reason to stay in the UK; prices are such that you could sell your UK home and be able to buy a luxury property in Sotogrande and still have a significant amount for a rainy day.

Low Cost Of Living

Prices in the UK are constantly increasing, which is one more reason to look further afield and southern Spain is very cheap when compared to home. If you are one of the many people who work online, you are able to relocate to a cheaper (and warmer) country without affecting your work.

The Perfect Holiday Home

If you are approaching the end of your mortgage repayments, now is the right time to think about making another property acquisition. You can do some online research about Sotogrande to give you a clearer picture of the area and the many amenities there. When you are back in the UK, your holiday home can bring in a healthy revenue, especially in the high season, when rental prices are at the highest.

Once you have determined your budget, you can start talking to real estate agents that cover the Sotogrande development and after browsing their website, you can make up a viewing shortlist, arrange a short holiday and take the first steps to becoming a property owner in Sotogrande.

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